Jackhammer (Electric)

FOUR HOURS : $40.00
DAY/ WEEKEND : $60.00
FIVE DAYS : $180.00
SEVEN DAYS : $240.00



  • Choose from 65lb or 90lb
  • Medium to heavy-duty demolition of concrete slabs and foundations
  • Breaking up asphalt in road building, pipe laying and repair work
  • Removing concrete for rebar connections and utility connections
  • Impressive hammering impact energy of 68 joules for rapid progress in big concrete demolition job
  • Exceptionally high breaking performance – up to 6 tons of concrete per hour, which puts the TE 3000 on a par with air/compressor tools
  • Minimal vibration
  • Versatile, easy to operate, easy to transport and ready for use in minutes
  • Needs no compressor and therefore easier to transport than air tools, highly versatile and ready for use in minute